Why Every Real Estate Agent Should Follow Gary Vaynerchuk

Why every real estate agent should know Gary Vaynerchuk

First, I have to admit that I didn't follow or read any of Gary Vaynerchuk's preachings and books until about 5 months ago. I heard of Gary's book titled "Crush It" back in 2009.  In the world of real estate gurus and coaches and the marketing … [Read more]

How to Use Social Media for Real Estate Agents in 2014

how to use social media for real estate in 2014

Would you like to know how to use Social Media in Real Estate today? "In 2014, we Utilize Social Media as Outlets for Sharing Informative Content and Use this Content for Creating Engagement and Building an Audience" OK, that's pretty academic … [Read more]

Facebook Pages for Business get a New Updated Look

Facebook training for real estate agents

In 2013, Facebook made a series of changes to its News Feed and how Facebook is viewed on mobile devices. One thing you can always expect from Facebook and the other Social Media platforms is "change".  In order to keep engagement up and people … [Read more]

Super Agent Summit August 2013

Real Estate Agent Marketing

Presentation Slides from the Super Agent Summit Event - Chicago 2013 These slides will be available for a limited time only here on my blog. Please make sure to download them or copy the information you need ASAP before these come … [Read more]

Facebook Training for Real Estate Agents


Facebook is the single most important Social Media tool a Real Estate Agent has in 2013. A very close second is YouTube. Some agents across the country are masters at using Facebook for Lead Generation and others not so much. Some Agents who master … [Read more]

Does a Real Estate Agent Need a Facebook Fan Page?

Facebook for Real Estate Agents

Facebook Fan Pages organically reach about 16% of their fans on average. The average Facebook User is connected to approx. 80 Facebook Fan Pages. Does a Real Estate Agent need a Facebook Fan Page and is it the best and most effective strategy … [Read more]

The War Over Your Listings Online

Real Estate Websites and Your Listings

A Short History of Real Estate Listings Going Online & Technological Innovations 1993: The first Cell Phone/PDA is introduced by IBM and Bell South! 1996: The National Association of REALTORS® makes an operating agreement for control over it's … [Read more]

Top Ten Essential Tools for Real Estate Agents

Top Ten Tools for Real Estate Agents

The Top 10 Tools & Apps for Realtors (updated January 2014) NOTE: The 2014 Top Ten List of Tools and Apps for Realtors is Coming out February 2014! Subscribe to our list to access this and other articles we have coming up! CLICK HERE TO … [Read more]

Realtor Marketing 101 | Property Pictures

Real Estate Photography

Realtor Marketing 101 | Property Pictures Too often Realtor's are using their iPhones and Androids for producing marketing photos of their listings online and in the MLS.  This is not only so wrong, it's truly unprofessional.  Real Estate Agents are … [Read more]

Buyer Seller Market Trends in Real Estate

The Digital House Hunt | NAR & Google Marketing Report

Online Real Estate Marketing Trends Please leave a comment below and let me know what you think of this article, thanks 2013 is here and the real estate market is moving in a upward and positive direction throughout the country.  This year we … [Read more]

Zillow buys rental website HotPads

Zillow purchases HotPads.com

Zillow Buys HotPads.com and what that means to the Real Estate Industry Why should Realtors be aware of Zillow's recent purchase of HotPads.com? Zillow continues to be the Number 1 ranked real estate website. The acquisition of HotPads.com is … [Read more]

State of the Housing Market in 2012

Super Agent Summit 2012 Real Estate Agent Seminar

The Super Agent Summit Keynote Presentation Page   [dropcap type="circle" color="#FFA500" background="#COLOR_CODE"]W[/dropcap]elcome to my blog on AgentRedefined.com. The blog is called the Realtor Training Blog. I've created this website … [Read more]

Real Estate, The Internet, Zillow, Trulia, and the Housing Market in 2013

The housing market in 2013

Real Estate, Realtors, and the Internet in 2013 In case you have not noticed yet the housing market is actually in recovery.  It's a slow recovery and not equal in all places but it's a recovery.  The housing market is actually contributing … [Read more]

Zillow Adds Pre-Market Inventory to Home Search

Zillow adds Pre-Market Foreclosure Properties to it's Home Search tool

Zillow Adds Pre-Market Foreclosures to Home Search Tool Whether you love or hate Zillow as a Real Estate Agent (I think you should embrace it and Trulia), they are pressing forward with their overall business model which is to become the #1 Real … [Read more]

State of the Market, October 2012

housing recovery

The State of the Real Estate Market | October 2012 The title of the article could have been, The House Recovery has begun!  It's true the housing recovery has finally began to take hold and it's a phenomenal thing to witness after 4 years of … [Read more]

Exit Strategy Realty Training

Online Marketing Plan

Your Online Marketing Plan | Exit Strategy Realty September 12th Exit Strategy Realty | Online Marketing Training This is a private page on my website where I will be posting the slides for the online marketing presentation at Exit in September … [Read more]