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Training real estate agents how to market their
brand and listings online...

  • Facebook Marketing

    In 2016, Facebook is still a very powerful tool to use for not only generating leads, but maintaining and building your sphere of influence. In these classes agent will learn how to use their personal and business profiles on it.

  • Video Marketing

    Video is here and agents struggle to get started with it. These talks are based on getting real estate agents started with video and direction on what types of videos they should be filming.

  • The Top Tech Tools and Apps for Agents

    There is no shortage of technology, tools, and apps that you can be using in your business today. In this class I teach what tech you should be using in your business today.

  • Listings Marketing

    Today, the first showing is taking place online. This means how we market a home in 2016 is much different than it was just 6 years ago. These talks are designed to teach agents how to market a home today in an online world. Plus, a revamping of the Listing Presentation.

  • How to Build an Online Presence

    The future is already here and everyone and everything is online. Putting together a basic online presence is crucial for an agent to have in today's online world. This course will help agents create an online presence.

  • How to Blog and use WordPress for your Business

    Your website is the cornerstone of everything you do online. Today, WordPress is a phenominal resource to use for any agent use for building thier website.

The only reason why a #realtor should be using pro photos and #virtualtours.

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All these videos were shot and produced by George Cuevas

Real Estate Agent Testimonials

Delivering constant value is the best way to develop relationships for life...

  • Katie Skomorowski
    George's Facebook marketing training and work on YouTube for me has been invaluable for my business. Plus, he's become a great friend.
    Katie Skomorowski
  • Kinga Korpacz
    I've been using George to create all of my virtual tours and pro photos for listings. His work is so important to the success of my business.
    Kinga Korpacz
  • George Wyatt
    George helps my business and I learn so much from him every time I go to one of his events or he's working on my of my new rehab projects.
    George Wyatt
  • Bob Miller
    George and Agent Redefined have been a huge part of my real estate business.
    Bob Miller

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I wasn't born to be natural salesperson, or a "tech" expert, or even a "marketing pro".
I simply work my ass off. As an entrepreneur I'm always looking for a better way to run my business, offer better value, and reach more customers.

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George "el guapo" Cuevas
Agent Redefined
Direct: 312-320-8274
Email: george@agentredefined.com

  • More than just marketing

    What I teach Agents is how to use the tools available today to reach more people and to improve thier value proposition to them.

  • I was a Former Realtor and Managing Broker

    In 2012, I was still searching for more info about tech and social media so that I could incorporate that into our office. After not finding very much good info I just decided to figure it out on my own. This is how Agent Redefined was created.

  • No BS, No Upsells, Just real content.

    One of the biggest problems in our industry is the fact that there are too many gurus out there teaching useless info. I try to be different and let my content stand on it's own.

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